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Brand Profile

The word THALIA was originated from mythology, and means "beauty flushing from nature". All products are manufactured under the brand THALIA, enriched with natural extracts and raw materials. THALIA branded natural soaps are only consist of olive oil, vegetable based oil, and natural extracts. Our products are checked in terms of quality in very stage, and carefully controlled products delivered to our consumers. THALIA soaps are manufactured in accordance with the norms of cosmetic regulations of Turkish Ministry of Health which dated 03/24/2005 and numbered 5324. In 2010, we began to manufacture liquid products and shampoo. Meantime, THALIA Herbal Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo has been added to our product range. Active ingredient of THALIA shampoo is PHYTO COMPLEX AHL® consists of 100% herbal extracts. Based on its effect, THALIA shampoo clean your hair deeply also it is effective against hair loss which are originated from natural factors. The content of THALIA shampoo is prepared by the experts of dermatology, molecular biology and chemical engineering, meticulously. THALIA anti hair loss herbal shampoo was tested and approved by dermatologists of Chelab ITALY Laboratories (Test Report No. 11/000 115 549). R&D studies about THALIA branded other cosmetic products are still continue. In near future, we are going to take our place on the shelves.